How to deal

How to deal?

Buy used sewing machines

Q & A

  1. 1.How about the condition of your used sewing machine?Our used sewing machines are in good working condition,70-80%new, we provide A quality and B quality used industrial sewing machines,no as-it poor condition.
  2. Can you make reconditioned sewing machines? Yes we can provide reconditioned sewing machines,all original brand name, no duplication,we have Mechanic,and engineer
  3. Can you provide sewing machine spare parts? Yes, we can provide new accessories,such as bobbin case, rotary hook,thread stand,v-belt, we can offer you price,cost to cost
  4. Can you do stitch test for used sewing machines? Yes we can ,it will charges according each second hand sewing machine condition.
  5. Can you provide inspection used sewing machine video? Yes, we can take video online
  6. What’s your minimum order quantity? Retail  special sewing machine & Wholesale common sewing machines
  7. How about your package? We can provide carton box, and wooden box package.but there are extra charges
  8. How long for delivery time? It will take about one or three weeks when we received deposit
  9. Your request

    there is a contact form on every page . Please fill it, providing to us as many details as possible about what country and city your are from, how to contact you, and what kind of goods you need models, descriptions, quantity, condition.

  10. Our quotation

    We will send to you price quotation. Usually we send it within 1 working day, but for some difficult to get items it can take more time. In most cases we quote prices on the terms FOB China. If you need other terms, like CIF or CNF, please let us know your seaport. We will check the freight charges with shipping company.Also, we deal in  RMB and US dollars, therefore our quotations and customer balances are always in RMB and US dollars.

  11. Your confirmation

    We will send proforma invoice to you for reference,please study it carefully, and promptly reply to us. If you have any additional requests about assortment, please discuss it with us. Usually we will not change many items on invoice after you arranged deposit.

  12. Payment

    After coming to agreement about the offer, we request you to make advance payment 50% of total invoice amount by T/T to our bank account. Please double confirm BENEFICIARY BANK details by mobile phone with us

  13. Container vanning and shipping

    A.Shipping by Sea, After getting your advance payment, we load the goods into container and ship it to you, according to your instructions. As confirmation of shipment we send to you by email or fax the copy of B/L.

    B..Shipping by air, FEDEX , DHL EXPRESS, Door to door service If Special sewing machine,such as computerized/automatic/heavy duty…

  14. Settlement

    We expect to get the balance payment from you within one week,after showed your B/L Invoice Packing list copy. If you fail to pay the balance payment in time, we shift the container to other dealers, and cover all the expenses in this sad situation from your deposit

  15. Documents sending

    After the settlement, we send you original B/L, invoice and packing list by courier. If you need any additional documents, like C/E, please inform us in advance.

  16. Customs clearance

    We do export customs clearance in China. Customs clearance in your country is fully your responsibility. We are Chinese company, and we can not act as an importer in your country. However, for some countries we can advice customs and / or shipping agents. but, we are not responsible for their actions in any case.

  17. Visiting us

    If you want to visit us in China, you are welcome. We will send you invitation after getting advance payment from you. The advance payment is not required for our repeating customers, to get the invitation documents set.

    We will meet you in the airport, or Railway station,help you with accomodation according to your budget, will talk in our office. You will inspect goods at our used sewing machine stores. Of course, we will drink together ,vegetarian food No-vegetarian food,Arabic food  – whatever you prefer, -, and we will give you advice about what local sight view

  18. used industrial sewing machine supplier in china

    used industrial sewing machine supplier in china